Population 5.7 million
Land mass 71,740 sq km
Life expectancy 47.8 years
Under age 5 mortality 19%
Literacy rate 40%
Access to safe water  57%
3 doctors per 100,000
57% population live on $US1 per day or less
United Nations HDI ranking 180/187

Donations to the Kanga Schools project are always welcome.  We need:
*    Books – published 1990 or later – fiction, non-fiction, recent encyclopedias.
*    Computers pentium 4 + in good condition from companies and schools
*    Flat screen monitors, keyboards, mouse, cables in good condition
*    Quarto exercise books, school stationery
*    Soccer boots, balls, soccer shirts
*    Assistance to collect and  transport books to the warehouse in SW Sydney
*    Assistance with sorting and packing books at the warehouse
*    Financial help for the following

- $400  Pays for one generator to give light in 1 school library at night
- $1000  Sets up basic equipment for 1 school science laboratory
- $750  Buys five treadle sewing machines for 1 school
- $900  Pays the salary for one teacher/librarian for 1 year
- $5,000  Buys basic materials for cement, roofing, framework for construction of 1 school library
- $4,000  Pays for 1 water well to provide clean water
- $6,000  Payment of transportation, fees, shipping costs for one 20ft container from Sydney

Any donations are welcome.  If you are able to assist, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you to all volunteers and donors

Several volunteers have travelled all over Sydney and beyond collecting books, another comes regularly to the warehouse to assist with packing and sorting.  One IT specialist has given countless hours to clean down the many hundreds of computers and prepare for use.  Schools, libraries, charities, companies, soccer clubs and individuals have been very generous with donating books, computers and sporting equipment.  Without these donations, there would not be a container to send.  And thanks also for the assistance given by the Sierra Leone community in Sydney and Freetown.


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